Using WordSwag to generate powerful messages

By Mitch Milam | Blogging

Nov 13

Last week I attended an Instagram Masterclass webinar hosted by Nathan Chan from Foundr Magazine. He mentioned using WordSwag to create powerful messages that incorporated text with a photo (or other type of image) and how they used it to create messages that are posting on Instagram.

I finally started using it last weekend to generate some images for an course I am developing and I have got to say it is well worth the nominal cost involved.

Last weekend, while catching up on my DVR recordings and watching NFL football, I create over 40 images to help reinforce the talking points of course.

How It Works

WordSwag allows you to choose a photo from:

  • Taking a new photo using your device’s camera
  • Choosing an existing photo from the photos on your device
  • Search for a photo using pixabay

As an example, I started looking for an image to represented the word ‘panic’ using the search feature:


The first option is to crop the image to a square, or just leave it as it was originally:

File Nov 13, 7 50 10 AM

Next you add your text by double-tapping on the sample text:

You can choose your own statement or just select a pre-defined one from the left-hand side:

File Nov 13, 7 50 58 AM

You can also add an attribution to specify who made the statement.

Once added to the photo, the text may be moved, rotated, and resized.

You may also change the format of the message:


The color of the text:


And the visual appearance of the photo:


When you are finished, tapping the Done button will save the photo to your cameral roll. You can also share it using a variety of traditional and social media methods:


As I wrote about earlier, I use my connection to Dropbox to add the newly-created image to my Dropbox location for my course.

End Result

And here the final product:

File Nov 13, 7 56 15 AM



WordSwag is just a great product to work with and I have already put it to extensive use. So, if you’re going to be creating messages for your blog, Instagram, Facebook, or whatever, then you should check it out.


About the Author

Mitch has been in an IT consultant and entrepreneur for over 30 years.