Adding Dropbox Support to your iPhone Photos

By Mitch Milam | Productivity

Nov 11

Ok, this may be pretty simplistic and I bet everyone else has done this, but in case you haven’t here is how you change your iPhone Photos app to allow you to directly move photos to Dropbox

Add Dropbox as a Photo Activity

The first step is to add Dropbox as an activity for your photos.

1. Open a photo then click the forward button:


2. In the activities bar at the bottom of the screen, scroll over to the right and tap the More button:


3. Turn on the Save to Dropbox feature then tap the Done button:


4. You should now have a Save to Dropbox button on your activities list:


The configuration process is not complete.

Saving to Dropbox

To save a photo, just click the Save to Dropbox button and the following screen will be displayed:


Here are a few things to note:

1. You can (and should) change the file name of the photo before saving to Dropbox.

2. You can (and probably should) specify an upload folder.  Just click the Choose a Different Folder button and you’ll be taken to a folder-selection screen.

3. You can only upload one file at a time, no matter how many photos you have selected.

When you are finished changing the file name and selecting the folder, tapping the Save button will copy the file to Dropbox.


Before I discovered this integration I was actually emailing photos from my phone to myself so I could access them on my desktop workstation. I can’t tell you how much time it has saved me in just the two days since I made the configuration change.


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