My Toolbox   

Here are the tools that I use on a frequent basis.  You will find software, mobile applications, and physical tools.  All of these help make me more productive.

Below, you see the simple layout you can use, with an image, title and description for each of the recommended items.​

WP Engine                       

All of my sites run WordPress and are hosted at WP Engine. They provide rock-solid WordPress hosting with really cool features like a consolidated dashboard, automatic backups, automatic upgrades, and a Content Delivery Network (CDN) just to name a few. I absolutely cannot recommend them enough.

Here is their current deal for new users:

Thrive Themes

Thrive Themes is an extremely powerful plugin and theme engine for WordPress. In fact, this site is built using Thrive Themes.


At the beginning of 2015 I invested quite a lot of time and a bit of money to find myself a new task manager. I wanted something that was cloud-based, ran on multiple platforms, allowed for the creation of projects and sub-projects, and allowed me to easily set deadlines.

After trying a handful of the more popular applications on he market, I stumbled across ToDoist, and realized this was exactly what I was looking for.  It does everything that I need and more.  I actually purchased the professional version even though I don't need it, strictly because I know that application development is hard and a small annual payment of less than $30 will not break my bank.


Ok, this is a really funny name for an application, but it is seriously cool.  In a nutshell, it helps you sleep, either at night or should you wish to take a nap. 

I am a big believer and practitioner of the power nap and Pzizz helps me nap, without over-sleeping. You just set your duration and it will put you to sleep and gently wake you up so that you do not feel tired from the sudden shock of being awakened by an alarm.